The Commemorative Series of cigars was created in joint venture with the Masciangelo Family and Tabacalera – Pichardo, a plantation and premium cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Pichardo factory was selected because of their outstanding natural selection of tobacco leafs, which are carefully hand-rolled to the most exacting standards of the traditional Cuban craftsmanship.

Hand Crafted in small batches, the Commemorative Series are aged to perfection to create a rich and superbly balanced smoking experience. The Series is presently composed of a narrow assortment of 6 of the most popular sizes, with a variety of new sizes and blends to come. Stay tuned.

The Smoking Characteristics of the Commemorative Series First Edition 2018

The Commemorative Series First Edition 2018 cigar will be complex and fully flavored, medium smoke, with a lot to discern for the seasoned smokers. Flavors consist of earth, spices, cedar, coffee and herbs. The overall smoking experience has a light sweetness to it that is slightly creamy and this is because of the unique Ecuadorean wrapper. The roll of the cigar is purposely and slightly looser then a Cohiba and as a result will give the cigar smoker an easier draw and plenty of smoke.

The Wrapper

Habanos 2000 wrapper. A Cuban wrapper lost in Cuba to a blue mold many years ago. The seed was transported to Ecuador where it is grown and strives very well in this environment. Only the high quality brands use this wrapper. The wrapper is also very attractive, natural and sweet to the palate.

The Binder

Sumatra, grown in Nicaragua

The Filler

A combination of Condega, Jalapa & Esteli. The best fillers from Nicaragua

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