With practice comes perfection

Since 2002, the Masciangelo family have been purveyors of fine cigars. Through their diligent work ethic and innate sense for selecting only the finest merchandise, their online retail store soon became one of the most recognized, reliable premium cigar suppliers, servicing customers throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Their business continued to flourish thanks to solid business relationships with cigar suppliers, plantations and manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Central America, Cuba and abroad.

But something was missing. A blend unique solely to them. In early 2015, the family decided to develop their own premium blend of cigars that represented their exceptional palate and enjoyed by all their friends and family. No label was added. No name given. The Masciangelo blend, handcrafted in very small batches and prepared in several assorted blends and sizes quickly became popular with their close-knit circle of friends and business associates. Everybody wanted more and more was yet to come.

The eldest son, Rejean the co-founder with his Father Anthony, had constantly pushed his Dad to introduce these fine cigars to the general public.

A great cigar.
Born from a noble cause.

It was around this time that Anthony and his wife Monique, happened to see a documentary detailing the acts of heroism and day-to-day struggles of war veterans returning to the United States. It was something the pair simply could not ignore.

“We are blessed that our sons never had to go through such an experience,” explains Monique. “ “Seeing this makes you want to take action.“

Raised by his grandparents, Anthony’s grandfather had a military career in Italy and lost four children in WWII, Anthony’s mother being the sole survivor. Monique turned to Anthony, “You need to take your sons advice and introduce your blend of cigars and donate $1.00 a cigar to these Wounded Warriors.”

The Armistice journey begins to unfold and by coincidence.

By coincidence, that same week Rejean is driving his wife to the hospital to give birth to their first son and the name Armistice was seen on a simple street sign. It also happen to be that this particular hospital was a War Veterans facility. Having in mind the Wounded Warrior donation suggestion from his mother and knowing the history of his great grandfather, Rejean understood the unique significance of the name. Armistice was the perfect name – “A truce, a time to lay down your military arms and rest. What more perfect way then to enjoy the ambiance of a good cigar then with friends, family and yes your enemies”. Put in plain words, Rejean says. An immediate design of a logo appears with two old revolver pistols pointed down to represent the resting of arms.

Anthony and Rejean have now been joined by Anthony’s younger son Sebastian, who runs the day to day operations. A joint proposal from the two sons is made to their Dad and the rest is history.

“The program is a go. A no brainer” says Anthony.

The journey continues to unfold when Anthony discovers that many of the companies customers happen to be war veterans and together with some of these customers he begins to source out which of the War Veteran organizations the family would support. The obvious choice, after a few months of research was a smaller organization, the Friends of Windward Wounded Warriors.


The Friends of Windward Wounded Warrior

The Friends of Windward Wounded Warrior is a program run by the Navy League of the United States Honolulu Council. The program is dedicated to improving the lives of the recovering service men and women and their families.

Federal Charity Number 501 (cx3)

Thanks to the hard work of its members and volunteers, injured veterans are provided with Emergency Response, Transition To Civilian Life and Family Support. “What impressed me was the focus on both the transition to civilian life and the family support.” Anthony says. “The small things matter, like the photo I saw of a few ex- marines enjoying a cigar and fishing.” From this image came the campaign theme – Light one up for our wounded warriors.

A message from the company president

Staying the course

“Donating to our Wounded Warriors is one of the primary reasons we decided to bring our family’s personal cigar blend to the public. Our goal is to be true to ourselves and our mission.” Says Rejean, President of the Armistice Signature Brands Ltd.

While our purpose has been universally well received, we do understand that some may feel uneasy that we are profiting on the backs of Wounded Warriors. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To make it even clearer, the Company’s donation amount is much larger than most sponsors. 10% of the invoice amount, not 10% of the profits. Says Rejean. “It is easy to manipulate profits by increasing expenses to show a much smaller bottom line and in turn these sponsors play games with a smaller donation amount. We will be true to the cause and share the proceeds fairly.

The customer should also appreciate that the Armistice Signature Brand Company and the Masciangelo family are the sole investors in this project, using their personal funds to create, promote and ship Armistice cigars to the end user.

Our family, friends and business associates are excited to join us in this long term commitment. We thank them all for their loyalty and devotion.

So, light one up for our Wounded Warriors and Armistice will donate 10% of the proceeds to our Friends of Windward to help them continue this very important work.”

Every good deed should be rewarded

Armistice lapel pin honors those who have helped us making a difference in the lives of returning veterans.

Receive a Commemorative Armistice Pin FREE with every new order.